Bungee Jumping

There are numerous adventure sports on different corners of the country and one of the thrilling experience would be jumping 160 meters off (harnessed of course) from Swiss-made bridge to Bhote Koshi river flowing from the Nepal-Tibet Border. It is wonderful feeling of free fall, real thrill of adventure.

Bungee Jumping is popular among travelers and it is awesome day trip starting from early morning with several hours drive till late afternoon/evening. It is also nice idea to stay overnight at Last Resort and enjoy day off walking and wondering the countryside landscapes with delightful evening after the breathtaking jump of the day.


Listikot, Sindupalchowk, Nepal (15km before the Nepal-Tibet Border)

3 hours drive from/to Kathmandu (each way)

The Bridge

Designed by Swiss Expert Team with all safety factors necessary considering the loading factor and length of suspension bridge.