Terms and Conditions


Our main concern is to supply the best available travel information and provide the best services in a friendly and safety manner to our valuable travelers.  As much as we want to deliver the best service to our travelers, it is important for us that you know the about the procedures and consequences of trip reservation with us. We wish to offer a journey beyond your imagination to the best of our ability and strength without creating any disputes or misunderstanding before, during and after the trip. You are requested to go through each and every listed item of following Terms and Conditions, read them carefully and understand them agreeing to enter the Agreement and sign the confirmation of any trip plan offered by Archaic Nepal Adventure Pvt. Ltd.


This terms and condition governs the relationship between client/traveler (YOU) and Archaic Nepal Adventure Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “THE COMPANY”), registered under Nepal Government Company Register 154171/073/074. Please read all of these items carefully before signing for any trip offered by THE COMPANY. Both parties agree to these Terms and Conditions to resolve any legal or other disputes that may arise before, during and after the trip.


The term TRIP ROUTE shall includes all the activities, events or services provided, arranged, organized, conducted, sponsored and authorized by THE COMPANY and shall include, but not limited to; tours, walking, sightseeing, nature walks, hiking, climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, demonstrations and events; and other such activities, events and services in any way connected with THE COMPANY. 


Any of these provided TRIP ROUTE involves dangers and hazards including but not limited to: changing weather conditions, variation or steepness in terrain; loss of balance; variation or changes in terrain surface including holes, depressions, loose gravel, exposed rocks, snow, ice, earth and other natural objects; streams, creeks, lakes, rivers and glaciers; trees, tree strumps, forest deadfall or other natural or manmade objects; rock slides, avalanches; encounters with wildlife; travel on highways and countryside roads, collision with person or vehicles; ability to stay within designated areas; negligence of other persons; and negligence on the part of THE COMPANY including the failure on the part of THE COMPANY to safeguard or protect me from the risks, dangers and hazards of TRIP ROUTE due uncontrolled, unmarked and uninspected remote terrain and trails, communication is sometime difficult and in the event of an accident, rescue and medical services may not be readily available.


The term TRIP PLAN refers to any activity or excursion itinerary offered by THE COMPANY website including Hiking, Trekking, Tours, Climbing, Expedition, Adventure Sports, and/or other walking and tour itinerary. As soon as the trip is booked, THE COMPANY will send you the trip confirmation invoice email and from this point, the contract between THE COMPANY and the Client will come into existence.  THE COMPANY reserves the right to make any modification in the provided trip availability, services and prices of trip before the trip confirmation.


We asked for non-refundable 10% of the total trip cost at the time of trip booking which shall not be refunded in any case of cancellation made after it is processed and paid to THE COMPANY. YOU can pay the remaining amount (90%) upon your arrival in Kathmandu and before the trip departure. Please continue to the form with the necessary details of yourself along with the information of your Credit/Debit Card. Your card transaction will be processed by the Credit Card Division of Himalayan Bank Pvt. Ltd. on behalf of Archaic Nepal Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Please make no mistake while submitting the details in the form provided and please note that there is additional 4% bank fee for the payment made through credit card.

If you wish to send the payment via Wire/Bank Transfer, then please note down the following information and let us confirm with the details before you send it to us.

Details for Wire Transfer

Account Name of Beneficiary:  Archaic Nepal Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

Account Number of Beneficiary: 0570010147003

Address of the Beneficiary: Amrit Street, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Beneficiary Account type: Current

Name of the Bank: Mega Bank Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Bank: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Swift Code: MBNLNPKA

Note: Any kinds of losses or delays during the transfer process are not our liability and you are requested to complete the confirmed amount of transaction accordingly upon your arrival in case of inadequate fund transfer than confirmed amount. Please send us the copy of the bank slip or remittance form after the transaction is completed. It is useful to us for cross-checking if there is any kind of confusion during the collection of the amount.


The remaining 90% of the trip amount is collected in Kathmandu upon arrival and can be paid in Cash or Credit Card. Any payment made through the Credit Card (Visa or Master Card) attracts additional 4% Bank Fee. All the prices of TRIP PLAN are quoted in American Dollars (USD). When you are paying online then the Bank will determine the current exchange rates and you can pay in your desired currency. On the final payment in Kathmandu, you can pay THE COMPANY in various currencies including NPR, INR, USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY, KPW and the rate of exchange will be determined as per the rate provided by Nepal Rastra Bank website. 


a. Cancellation Made By YOU

Any cancellation made by YOU should be sent through an email and must be acknowledged by THE COMPANY. Based on the date of the cancellation acknowledgement (done before 47 hrs of cancellation email sent), THE COMPANY will determine the applicable cancellation fee (expressed in percentage basis). Once the cancellation made,

Before 65 days of departure date: No Fee  

Within 64 - 52 days of departure date: 13% of total trip price  

Within 51 - 39 days of departure date: 26% of total trip price  

Within 38 - 26 days of departure date: 39% of total trip price  

Within 25 - 13 days of departure date: 52% of total trip price  

Within 12 – 3 days of departure date: 78% of total trip price

Within 3 or less days of departure date: 91% of total trip price

Note: The listed cancellation fee includes the non-refundable 10% advance made during the trip booking. So, if YOU cancel the trip within 64-52 days of departure date, YOU have to pay remaining 3% (13 % - 10%) of the trip price and within 51-39 days of departure date, YOU have to pay remaining 16% (26% - 10%) of the trip price and so on.    

b. Cancellation Made by THE COMPANY

Company reserves the right to cancel any TRIP PLAN including guaranteed trip to run. If THE COMPANY cancelled the guaranteed trip then the total trip price shall be refunded to our valuable guest with an alternative choice to choose any other trip plan of less, equal or more value with an adjustment to the pre-confirmed trip price. Any confirmed TRIP PLAN is only cancelled prior to the departure by THE COMPANY due to reasons beyond its control which includes any social, cultural, political, natural causes like natural disasters, weather conditions, wars, riots, strikes,  blockage, quarantine, government intervention, industrial action etc. So, it is advised to have a strong Travel Insurance which can covers all the unforeseen expenses during adventure trip plan including the trip cancellation, flight cancellation etc. THE COMPANY is not responsible for any kinds of incidental expenses or cost which may incurred due to non-refundable reservation or bookings made.

c. Third Thought: Get TRIP EXTENSION for 369 days

On third thought, instead of trip cancellation, YOU can modify the date of travel and use the benefit of TRIP EXTENSION for the Confirmed TRIP PLAN as the offer is valid for next 369 days after the original departure date. To enjoy this benefit, YOU must notify THE COMPANY about the change in expected departure date at least 39 days before the original departure date. The cancellation fee is waived incase of TRIP EXTENSION, however there may be change in the confirmed price & itinerary due to the change in cost of the trip associated items like flight, permit, transportation etc as a result of the postponed date of the trip within 369 days which is notified to YOU. If YOU take the TRIP EXTENSION option and still unable to join the TRIP PLAN on your new confirmed date (within 369 days) and had to cancel then the cancellation charge would be 78% of the total trip price without any regard to the date of cancellation.

d. Fourth Thought: TRANSFER TRIP

If YOU are still unsure about the future dates to travel to Nepal, YOU can TRANSFER TRIP to your family/friend/colleagues who wish to come to Nepal on that span of time which will save the cancellation fee. In case of TRANSFER TRIP, it is responsibility of a traveler to notify their request to THE COMPANY at least 39 days before the original departure date. THE COMPANY will send the confirmation email regarding the TRANSER TRIP and asked additional information about the new traveler. If YOU take the TRANSFER TRIP option and still unable to send new traveler to join the TRIP PLAN and had to cancel then the cancellation charge would be 78% of the total trip price without any regard to the date of cancellation.


Any kinds of Insurance — Travel or Health or any other types of assurance of a guarantee of compensation for any kinds of loss, damage, illness is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have along to reduce the possibility of heavy or sometimes shocking expenses. Please note that we do not sell insurance and it should be arranged before your arrival in Nepal. It is almost MANDATORY to have Insurance for any trip to the Himalayas above 2500m/8202ft. And securing good insurance always helps to set peace on the mind which eventually led a successful adventure trip. YOU can read more information about Choosing a Right Travel Insurance for your journey.


THE COMPANY is not responsible for any kinds of injuries, health condition or any accident occurred due to your personal negligence during the progress of the TRIP ROUTE. Our program does not cover any kinds of personal assurance or insurance of the travelers and are entitled to get their own comprehensive travel or health insurance which can cover all the possible damage and medical emergencies including helicopter evacuation.


All of these adventures TRIP PLAN are based on the weather situation. One certain thing about the weather is that it is always uncertain in the mountains which may add some more adventure on the designed TRIP PLAN. There may be delays and cancellation on the scheduled transfers in land and air transportation due to various reasons like weather, machinery breakdown, natural calamities etc. The trip leader reserves the right to modify the scheduled trip plan depending on the situation. THE COMPANY is not responsible for any kinds of cost incurred due to these uncertain events like missed international flight or missed another scheduled itinerary.


Some of the TRIP PLAN arranged or provided by THE COMPANY may be unsuitable for travelers based on the their age, physical or mental conditions, pregnancy or any other medical reasons which should be notified to THE COMPANY before trip confirmation. It is your responsibility to let THE COMPANY know about all the medical, physical and mental condition prior to trip confirmation so the proper trip plan can be designed as per your condition. YOU are asked to write your special requests if you have any of the condition and THE COMPANY will try its level best to provide YOU the experience based on your condition, however not limited to bind by the contract to fulfill any of the demands made by the traveler. THE COMPANY also reserves the right to cancel the trip plan charging 52% of total trip price for failing to notify about the medical conditions.


It is the responsibility of a traveler to ensure that all necessary travel documents such as visas, passport, vaccination, travel itinerary, insurance, international flight tickets etc before arrival to Nepal. YOU must carry a valid passport with minimum 6 months date before it expires. YOU can get Visa to Nepal on arrival at air/land entry points (except for some nationalists) or in local Nepal Embassy/Authorities/Diplomatic Mission in your country. The two requirements for Visa to Nepal are valid passport and one passport sized photo with appropriate visa fee (USD 25, 40 and 100 for 15, 30 and 90 days respectively). THE COMPANY is not responsible to provide any kinds of visa for your arrival and should be done by yourself before booking a trip with us. For more visa information — visit Nepal Immigration Authority.


YOU must be at least 18 years of age and posses legal authority to enter in this agreement. Any traveler who who is less than 18 years old should bring the signed declaration made by their Guardian/Parents that they agree to all terms and conditions listed in this agreement and be socially and financially responsible for any TRIP ROUTE /TRIP PLAN undertaken by a minor. A minor age traveler should be able to submit a signed copy of this Consent Form for Adventure in Nepal for Age less than 18 years along with the other necessary trip reservation paperworks. 


THE COMPANY uses various communication modes including both electronic and non-electronic medium like email, phone call, fax, letter, invoices, notice, disclosures etc which serves to settle any kinds of formal, informal and legal disputes that may arise before, during and after the reservation of the trip.


YOU can enjoy the provided discounts and promotions in the website and requested to read each offers carefully about the given services and prices. If your TRIP PLAN is confirmed and THE COMPANY publishes the promotional or discount offer on the same trip in other dates or same dates, YOU are not eligible for promotional adjustments after trip confirmation.  


TRIP LEADER is the person in-charge or the ground operator who represents THE COMPANY during the TRIP PLAN and holds a complete authority to make changes in the ongoing tours, if deemed necessary. If any traveler does not follow the basic code of conduct, commit or be part of any illegal activities or behave on their own interest comprising the safety and welfare of the group, then the trip leader has a right to ask the traveler to leave the group voluntarily or involuntarily without any refund for the trip. Under any social, cultural, political or natural circumstances, the trip leader can make any kinds of changes in the designed TRIP ITINERARY to avoid any complicated situation. Safety is the key concern to run any trip plan.


Any kind of dissatisfaction (complaint) which may come up during the ongoing tours must be brought in the attention of the TRIP LEADER so that issue can be analyzed and rectify as soon as possible. However, if there is any complaint about the trip leader which you felt like valid complaint and should be presented to THE COMPANY, then you must notify about it at our Office after tour ends. THE COMPANY will take actions upon hearing the issue from both sides.


If the group member wishes to make some changes on the confirmed TRIP PLAN, it should be notified at least 27 days before the original trip departure date. As per the changes requested, there might be additional cost associated with it. THE COMPANY cannot guarantee the requested changes made within 17 days of departure date if it includes major changes in the trip plan altering trip itinerary and services. THE COMPANY can suggest to organize a private tour, if the changes cannot be made within that dates.


If any traveler happen to decide to end trip earlier than the scheduled dates due personal reasons like later arrival to join trip, departure from ongoing tour, sickness, voluntary/involuntary termination from tour etc, there will be no refund or reconsideration regarding accommodation, transportation, meals or any services that is not used. No refunds of any kinds are provided after the tour is departed. Anyone who is unable to follow the trip designed by THE COMPANY and handled by the Trip Leader for any reason whatsoever; there is no refund of service not used. Please understand that all of your costs are the same as we have an obligation to pay our crew members for the time they have committed to us.


All the contents including trip route, plan, itinerary, services, images, videos, reviews, pdf files, documents, promotions, discounts etc are the sole property of Archaic Nepal Adventure Pvt. Ltd. (THE COMPANY) and used for the personal and commercial use; in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement, and as a condition of your use that this website cannot be used for any illegal purposes or for any purpose which is prohibited by Terms and Conditions. You are not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, transfer, display, create any derivative works or sell any of the listed trip plans and services without with authorized consent with THE COMPANY.


Read our Privacy Policy Here


I acknowledge that I intend to undertake an outdoor activity “TRIP ROUTE” organized by ARCHAIC NEPAL ADVENTURE PVT. LTD. (Referred as THE COMPANY) and so to complete this TRIP ROUTE I shall be entailed on various possible social, cultural, political, environmental and natural risks, dangers & hazards; and I freely accept and fully assume all such risk, dangers and hazards and the responsibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting threfrom.


I confirm that I have read and understand this Terms and Conditions prior to TRIP CONFIRMATION and I am aware that by booking this TRIP PLAN, I am waiving certain legal rights for all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of every kind and nature which I or my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, representatives and all members of my family including minors may have against ARCHAIC NEPAL ADVENTURE PVT. LTD.


THE COMPANY reserves the right to update all the items listed under Terms and Conditions as needed, without any notice. Please keep updates with the terms and conditions. You can find current terms and condition at archaicnepal.com/terms-and-conditions . Any kinds of dispute arise before and after the trip plan can be discussed and settled under the reference of terms and conditions,

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any kinds of confusion or curiosity regarding the listed terms and conditions.