“There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you!” 
Mehmet Murat ildan

Canyoning is defined as the sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in activities as rappelling and waterfall jumping plus a variety of other activities like wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing etc with essential safety measures.

Nepal is gifted with a variety of terrains and landscapes and this unique topographical and geographical feature with rich water resources has made several adventure activities possible in the tiny area it covers. Canyoning in Nepal is certainly one of the exciting and thrilling activities into the wildest nature filled with huge boulders, scenic green jungles, water pool created from cascades and cataracts.

It is getting popular in Nepal as many travelers are participating to experience this bold canyon adventure as swift countryside escapade trip from Kathmandu Valley. There will be proper safety, gear and technicality briefing and the safety highly depends on the judgment based on the experience, skills and the competent instructions of the team leader.

Items like swim costume, towel, Suncream, sunglasses, teva sandal are best to take for the trip.

Some of the best sites for Canyoning are:

Sundarijal — meaning “Beautiful Holy Water” — beautiful countryside located 15km away from Thamel is best for day adventure rappelling through different pitches on the fresh water amid gorgeous landscapes. 

Bhote Koshi — Holy River from Bhot of Tibet — located 100km away from Kathmandu is the best way for the overnight gateway to enjoy the varied terrain and water thrilling adventure negotiating with different grades. 

Jalbire — is located nearly 110km from Kathmandu (90km from Pokhara) features a rich floras and dense jungles offering a fantastic location for adrenaline water adventure on the cascading waterfalls. The surrounding nature is just awesome and guarantee unlimited fun with the flowing water.

Canyoning in Nepal is best chance to experience the thrilling white water canyon adventure amid the beautiful terrains and landscapes of beautiful countryside.