Day Trips and Tours

Nepal is a sovereign country which has never celebrate Independence Day and holds centuries old history, culture and traditional practice passing over generation over time. With majority of Hindus and Buddhist people with minority of Kirats, Christian, Islam and other people – it is amazing to watch the syncretic blend of these religions and the communities who practice it with positive attitude and bravo camaraderie. 

Kathmandu Valley is literally a City of Temples and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site with Seven Impressive Temples & Monuments in radius of 15km. The time between 14th to 18th centuries are regarded as “The Golden Period” for wide flourishing of art and architecture with present day’s example of metal carving, stone carving & word carving of those days Royal Palaces area — Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square etc. Many travelers visit Nepal in pursuit of lifetime walking experience into the Himalayas and most of them are rewarded with the awe-inspiring energy stimulating the incomparable feelings. Besides walking enthusiast, many of them also visit to learn the cultural & traditional know-how and explore the nature & landscapes without putting a lot of burden of long day uphill & downhill walk in difficult terrains.

Day Trips and overland tours in Nepal are popular as it is feasible by any kinds of travelers and wonderful chance to explore the rich culture and traditions of local people, visit temples, monasteries, historical & artistic monuments along with the beautiful sunrise and sunsets stops with nature’s delightful mountain peaks. There are several wonders across the country including the wildlife safari programs, lakes & falls visit, museum day tours, day hiking, mountain view-points etc etc awaiting for any travelers who wish to learn, travel and enjoy their time in either short or long holiday to Nepal.