Local Village Visit 

Nepal is one of the richest countries in terms of natural and cultural diversity. Kathmandu is the largest and the capital city followed by at least ten other smaller and big cities in Nepal. Majority of the places in Nepal are rural and remote with no proper access to basic infrastructure, however, the pace of development scene has shined in recent years with new roads construction and electricity plans.

"Travelers never think that they are the foreigners."

— Mason Cooley

Nepal is blessed with highest mountain in the world (Mt. Everest), great array of Himalayas including at least 1310 mountain peaks, the beautiful landscapes and all travelers arrive here to quench their adventure with huge excitement they brought to stand or scale on the best they can and reach the destination where nature will whisper their silent message through their ear as soft wind with the clear image of the blue sky and snow-capped mountain ranges in front of their eyes.

Nepalese people are well-liked and interested people and it can be an exciting experience to watch, learn, follow and enjoy the local living style of people. There are varieties of ethnic groups entertaining and following own languages & festivals in the well-blended harmonious relationship between all religions. While upon meeting people, it becomes more interesting to learn and understand the roots, story and history of the upper-lower-untouchables caste system, higher-lower class system, hidden tribes & their practice and all festivals representing Gods & Deities mysticism of Hinduism & Buddhism syncretism.

Many travelers reviewed Nepal as a wonderful destination and they happen to like it especially because they spent more time with the people after their excursion of Himalayas. Over the years, village tours and Homestay are gaining popularity and promoted to expand the tourism experience for any travelers who wish to discover the typical Nepalese day to day living style, chain of relatives, local foods & tastes, culture & traditions and festival, social interactions and family environment – a true picture of Nepal.

You can imagine yourself greeting Namaste to everyone you meet and staying in typical house with wood-fired kitchen serving potatoes and local wine with the family members and assisting them with households like summing up to graze the cattle or to carry sack of rice from the mill or field works etc and enjoy your time in the local events in Schools and participation in celebration of local festivals. Homestay in Nepal has been trending ever since the hospitality market tasted the flavor of technological progress.

There are multiple Homestay facilities around the countryside of Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley, either run by a whole family or single family. Local village visit could be little different than the lodge-styled homestay as these homestays are also designed to make travelers comfort with amenities and facilities but there isn’t any of them at the village stay. 

Activities Expected to Do and See

  • Walking, Sightseeing and Working
  • Festivals and Celebration 
  • Participation in local events and programs
  • Visit Farmlands – Agriculture Tour
  • Visit Community School and Health Post
  • Visit Historic Monuments (if any nearby)
  • Hike to Hills and Viewpoints (if any nearby)