Hiking and Trekking

No doubt that Nepal is an ultimate destination for any travelers who wish to ascertain the best of nature, culture and people on the lap of mighty Himalayas. Walking around the Himalayas has always been a great experience to witness the beautiful landscapes, adventure routes, tranquil lakes, the silent satisfaction of those many unspeakable feelings which can only be known upon reaching or roaming.

Trekking in Nepal has always been a desire of travel enthusiast who enjoys the soft mild windy walk through untouched beauty of nature and people around the highest places of the earth. Walking around the Himalayas started in Nepal in early 1950’s and with the successful attempt of the first summit of Mount Everest on 29 May 1953 – the door for tourists opens wide and since that period, many trekking, expedition, and climbing activities have been successfully done by many travelers. 

Trekking is truly an adventure and it does not always promise for good & wonderful experience but also the unpleasant loathing walk and high elevation distress. The trick is to follow up the adventure steadily and cautiously so that there would be pleasant stories to tell after the adventure. Physical fitness is not only the things that will help to conquer quest to the Himalayas but also the positive attitude, technical know-how, cognitive skills and multiple small things that keep up-to-task confidence level high.

Take Advantage of your Holiday to turn it into the best plan beyond your imagination around the untamed landscapes, picturesque typical lifestyle, magical Himalayan range, archaic cultural heritages and gorgeous valley to ever- welcoming destination where Never Ends Peace And Love – NEPAL.