Travel Insurance

Any kinds of Insurance — Travel Insurance or Health Insurance or any other kinds of assurance of a guarantee of compensation for any kinds of loss, damage, illness is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have along to reduce the possibility of heavy or sometimes shocking expenses.

“Knowledge Management is a bit like Travel Insurance – You Only Wish you had it when it is too late?”

— O’Neill

Please note that WE DO NOT SELL TRAVEL INSURANCE to a foreigner. It should be arranged before arrival in Nepal. There are many insurance companies all over the world which can be bought online so there is a good way to choose and buy the best comprehensive protection plan that should be ideal for the trip trying to attempt. It is almost MANDATORY to have Travel Insurance for any trip to the Himalayas above 2500m/8202ft. And securing travel insurance helps to set peace on the mind which eventually led a successful trip of adventure.

It is best to buy the Travel/Health Insurance which could normally cover,

  • Any Kinds of Sickness, Injury or Death
  • Medical Expense Coverage up to 5000m or plus (cover for accidents and emergency medical and dental care)
  • Emergency Evacuation Coverage (for emergency evacuation expenses like helicopter rescue, airlifts, and medically equipped air-transport)
  • Adventure/Hazardous Sports extends the medical coverage 
  • Baggage Coverage (can reimburse if luggage is lost, delayed, stolen, damaged, need search etc)
  • Trip Interruption Coverage 
  • Lost bags, delayed bags, delayed flights
  • Trip Delay/Cancellation Coverage
  • 24/7 Travel Assistance Services

Out of various adventure trekking routes of Nepal, the elevation exceeds 4000m normally in most of the routes and it is always best to have to insurance which could cover the highest place you want to reach. You may not need emergency helicopter rescue in every high elevation trekking but it is best to make sure that you have it covered and you are not worried.