“Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike.”

Fausto Coppi

Riding Motorbike in Nepal is one of the fantastic ideas of seeking adventure on the black-topped and uneven new off roads winding and passing through beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages around majestic mountainous tracks which are real opportunity to uplift your spirit of adventure on chains & wheels. There are multiple roads types and can be technical in times so the selection of the best motorbikes is needed to enjoy the thrilling and enjoyable ride on those routes.

Homeland to several ethnic groups and highest peaks of the world surprises every new traveler in the country. Little far away from the chaos of the cities, the countryside beauty fills the heart with joy and fulfillment. If you are fond of riding bikes like Nepalese youth do then you should definitely come to join them. Motorbikes are very popular among Nepalese people and gear up to their strength every now and then on the roads.

Motorbike tours are organized for one-day city ride to couple week’s technical route. Very few tourists participate in motorbike tour comparing several other attractions like trekking, expedition, wildlife safari, overland tour etc. From regular city bike to hardcore off road high power bikes are available in Nepal. Riding motorbike through remote and geographically untamed countryside trails is a great venture to explore the real beauty of the country on wheels. Every enthusiast can choose their trail to ride.

There had been a great advancement on roads in recent years in several areas across the country which gives us chance to find a way into rural communities & settlements to discover the not-so-popular or yet not visited places of Nepal. As the motorbike riding can be scheduled for a single day to multi-day tours, it can be the ideal approach to unleash the local cultural & natural beauty of the country. Some of the notable things to keep in mind are the safety kits, clothing, packing light, weather & climate, proper route, maps & local knowledge, tools & spares, essential paperwork, emergencies, unforeseen accidents, travel insurance etc.  

Anyone can notice that the numbers of bikes are excessive in the streets and most of them are made and imported from India and few others from Asia and Europe market. Given the complex status of the road and traffic condition of Nepal, it can be essential to learn and understand the rhythm in the narrow busy roads, shortcuts, parking/no-parking, traffic police, traffic lights etc. The first impression of Nepalese drivers on the streets can seem crazy at times and the rush you can feel on the horn they are blowing. But it gets better when you wear the helmet and your pavilion rider is showing hands direction despite the light-signal of your bike. It looks rather chaotic but once you know the local way, it will be far easier. Watch and Learn.

Whether you wish to take multi day relaxed trip in black-topped roads visiting temples, palaces and viewpoints or any adventurous off road dirt trails up in the remote valley feeling cool breeze of air past flowing the Himalayas – the available beast for burden are Bajaj Pulsar 220, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Royal Enfield 500, Honda XLR250, Honda XR250, Crossfire XZ250RR, Cross X250 which will suit most of the trails for short and long tours (both off road and highway road).